Bringing tradesmen and designers into one sustainable practice 

Making Sustainable Accessible 

The process begins with a relationship between client and designer. Once that is established, attention is placed on their relationship to the material.

All wood is sourced locally from Los Angeles through a network of arborists and sawyers. Though this limits the types of commercially available species, it opens up options to domestically available, exotic or unorthodox choices.

Although the custom design process often requires new or project specific fabrication solutions, the ability to adapt a piece to the clients needs helps ensure that the end product is something that will stay with the client for a lifetime.

Adán León

Growing up in a fixer upper home in Chula Vista, Adán León has been surrounded by woodworking and construction from childhood. These early life skills later flourished into an Art and Design major from Swarthmore College whilst paying the bills as a handyman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While studying, his work as a practical tradesman blended with a love of early american modern and arts and crafts styling, resulting in a design ethos that weighs practicality with elegance, sincerity, and accessibility. Art, craft, and design should be collaborative and understandable to the client and involve the social, environmental, and individual contexts of the project.

Now back in Southern California, Adán León lives and works in Van Nuys operating Nada Design Studio with the goal of sharing sensitive design with the community. Materials are carefully chosen to fit the specific contexts of each project and care is taken to source from local and sustainable businesses. Because materials are often hand picked, their own character is a principal design component, and any flaws or constraints are typically welcomed as fundamental to the aesthetic. Adán has shown in gallery shows in Los Angeles and welcomes inquiries for sculpture as well as furniture.